Answers For Frequently Asked by Our Clients

We have gathered together the questions that we are asked most frequently in an attempt to provide answers to any questions that you might have. Select the category of interest and browse the most frequently asked questions in that section. If you still can’t find the answers you need, please feel free to contact us.

Aquatic Attractor
How long do the lights last?

The life expectancy of each light is approximately four years.

How bright are the lights?

Under perfect conditions, the width of each light can illuminate up to 20 feet across, but on an average 10 feet with water clarity permitting.

What types of marine life are attracted to the lights?

It’s amazing to hear some of the stories from our customers. One never really knows what is going to show up each night. We are confident that you will be delighted with what your waterways produce each evening.

What color is the light?

The lights emit a soft blue-green glow, depending on the watercolor and content.

What happens when a light burns out?

The lower unit will need to be pulled out & changed by a trained representative.

What is the maximum depth a light can be installed?

We recommend a minimum installation depth of three feet and a maximum depth of fifteen feet.

How do the lights turn on?

The lights are equipped with a photocell allowing them to turn on at dusk and off at dawn.

What about maintenance?

The lights are absolutely maintenance-free. Every night the light goes through a process of naturally burning off anything that has acquired on its surface during the day like barnacles and algae.

What about deed restricted communities?

We are more than willing to sit down with any community representatives to discuss our product and try to gain approval. In a couple of situations, our lights have actually become a resolution to lighting issues.

What if the light is unplugged?

If the light is unplugged for a lengthy amount of time, it will start to acquire barnacles and algae, which will cause it to lose its illuminating ability.

Can the lights be put on a timer?

We have found that timers can be convenient for some of our customers.

When will fish start to show up?

Within a week we are confident that you’ll start to see marine life that wasn’t seen before.

What about electrical consumption?

Each light approximately consumes two to three dollars of electricity each month.

Will the lights work in freshwater?

We have many installations that look magnificent in freshwater.

Our installation process avoids electrolysis issues

Boaters have problems with electrolysis eating up their metal parts because of electricity and water.
So they add very costly zincs on to their boats to protect the metal parts.
We encase the wire in schedule 40 PVC from the fixture back to the electrical source. The wire is dry at all times and the water is never allowed to purge the PVC preventing even magnetic electric current in the water.

Extremely Important Safety Information

Competitors try to sell homemade products using black or orange extension cords, which are not up to code. Please don’t be fooled by impostors. Know and understand the facts! These cords are not intended for immersion in water due to extreme fire hazards and can cause electrical shock.