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Bringing The Ocean's Beauty To The Surface

Aquatic Attractors are permanent space-aged lights placed on the bottom, so anything passing over the fixture can be seen at night. The underwater lights offer hours of new entertainment with a decisive advantage in viewing large fish or occasional night fishing. Now you can impress your friends & family with this new patented technology.

Aquatic Attractor

A breathtaking experience can now be enjoyed by everyone! Find out for yourself why our lights are a necessary part of your waterfront landscape. Unbelievable results in salt water as well as freshwater!

Aquatic Attractor

Why Choose Us!

Our product is manufactured and installed under a strict building code. The electrical wire never comes in contact with the water, which prevents electrolysis. By using a wire that complies with code, we are able to install underground or underwater. This wire never comes in contact with water for SAFETY and prevents the wire from deterioration or damage.

Each light weighs 22# and is installed with schedule 40 P.V.C. from the fixture back to the electrical source. We do not want any abrasions from hooks or oysters, so we encase this wire in schedule 40 P.V.C. At the factory, they pull a vacuum of negative 10# of atmospheric pressure to prevent condensation in the unit for longer product life. We use the highest quality bulbs which are specifically made for our company. The bulbs have a gas in them to keep them upright at all times. Our product is built to last; our standards are beyond that which is required by the government. That said, we prefer to install the lights for you.

  • Help control mosquitoes and feed the fish!
  • Completely Automatic - On at dusk and off at dawn
  • One-year warranty (Parts & Labor) from any Mfg. defects
  • Optional two-year warranty purchase available

As long as you are making your choice from our company, rest assured that you are in the hands of experts. First class design and precise craftsmanship are a must with our products.

We at Aquatic Attractor pride ourselves on providing the best customer experience by offering quality products and services. If for some reason you are not completely satisfied with your new system, we would like the opportunity to work with you to resolve your issues and ensure that your experience with Aquatic Attractor leaves you delighted.

Aquatic Attractor
Aquatic Attractor


An available 110 power source with G.F.I. outlet must be mounted at a location where our installation of the product can go through the wood deck to the bottom of the canal prior to any installation.

There will be an additional charge if electrical work is provided by Aquatic Attractor. We manufacture and install our patented product in strict compliance with building codes

Competitors try to sell homemade products using black or orange extension cords which are not up to code. Please, don’t be fooled by impostors. Know and understand the facts! These cords are not intended for immersion in water due to extreme fire hazards and can cause electrical shock.


Aquatic Attractor underwater lighting can be installed virtually anywhere. They can add distinction and appeal to any property, from a residence on a waterway or a resort on the coast, to a commercial development on a lake. The installation process is straightforward and completely turnkey.

Aquatic Attractor

I Want Aquatic Attractors

Once you’ve decided that these magnificent underwater lights can beautifully accent your grounds, an Aquatic Attractor’s consultant will survey the area, determine the number of lights, and make placement recommendations.

Installation Performed By A Certified Scuba Diver

The underwater lights require a 110-volt power supply with a G.F.C.I. outlet to be mounted adjacent to the waterfront. If not available, Aquatic Attractor would be more then helpful in offering a preferred electrician in your area. The cost of each underwater light includes installation and wiring. Wiring and conduit are then run from the outlet to the seafloor and then proceed to a preferred location of the property owner.

Aquatic Attractor

The lights are then leveled and firmly anchored to the sea bed, so they are able to withstand potential hazards from strong currents, constant coastal changes, and strong boat propulsion.